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Well, now that I’ve introduced myself on the website, I’m here to express all my feelings to the unknown world. You see, i don’t get along with people. I have no friends mostly because I’m not even allowed to go out and have fun with them. Some friends seems to be very pissed off by the fact I’m not even allowed to go out. In fact, some took it further by spreading this out to most of the people. I’m now being called horrendous names that i don’t even want to mention. The most fucked up thing is about this whole journey, it all started with me (partially).

It all happened because of this shitty song that i told my friend about. It still haunts me till this date. Back then, i was about 13 years old. Now im 16. The song that i shared to my friend was probably one of my favourites back in the day. Once my friend viewed the song later in his own time, he came up to me and started laughing at how crap this indulging song is. He began to call me names from it ever since this date. This is why i hate life. Once something spreads, you’re gone. Abolished from the vivid world surrounding and glaring at you.

I had to deal with a lot of shit in my life. And oh of course you’ll be thinking of every normal person dealing with shit all the time. But i aint no like a normal person. I’m far from it. You all probably have a game console, well i did, but then never upgraded to a PS3 and onwards. In fact, all my consoles were sold in my early 14 years. Because of that, i couldn’t engage in other people’s conversations since they’re either talking about the latest call of duty, or grand theft auto.

I remember those days that i use to relieve myself. I’m not going to lie like every other guy in this world but yes i do. This is due to too much stress i am always dealing with all the time. From those cruel words being repeated at me by my OWN friends. I really wanted to leave them and start over, but…..i will then have no friends. I will be alone, drowned by the world’s deepest soils.

That is all for today and this side of my story. I wish i have more time to add on to this as i really have a lot of specifics to mention but it s too overwhelming to write. And also, I’m not a writer, and I will never be for all I know. In fact i hate English as a subject in particular but only exclude the fact that we can write to derive our feelings and emotions to the world, even though nobody would notice.

End of Page 1: Side A


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