Page 1: Side B **Special**

Well, i know it has been a while… a long while. But i have a few things to discuss today that has recently happened. Well you’re in for a treat, since…well it is kinda like a bonus story. Well here we go!

Today, everything was going rather normal. After going to high school for 2 hours for some extra study. AS time went on, when i was home, i received a bunch of messages from my best friend (well not so best friend) saying that i was following a TV show on social media. At first, i was like “what was the big deal?”. Before i could even think of replying, he kept saying that it is gay and now calling me gay for it. I don’t get it. He probably hasn’t even watched it yet and he is already prejudging. But what concerns me is, how did he find out. I know a few ways he could’ve found out and both were rather creepy, as if he keeps checking on me and my activity on social media, maybe even alongside a few other people. God knows.

I really wanted to swear at him so badly for this as he is most definitely completely out of his mind. Also, he is not that type of person that forgets these things; i know that he is going to go on and on and on about it in high school, and the message will probably spread and haunt me.

I hate my life.


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